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Monday, September 05, 2005
100 Things About Me (for Jesse)

1. I only have four settings. Love it, Ok with it, Don't like it, Hate it. Those 'rank from 1-10' surveys are a bit too indepth for me. If I'm an 8, why not be a 10? 'Ok with it' is about as close to 'don't care' as I get.

2. To have someone respect me is more important than to have someone like me.

3. I firmly believe in hand ups, not hand outs.

4. I will not feel sorry for myself when I make a bad decision with consequences that I don't like. Nor will I feel bad for anyone else when the same happens to them. Bad Decision -> Consequences -> New Decisions to Make -> Move On.

5. I believe that Action trumps Thought any day. Sure you had great intentions... but what did you do about it.

6. I must be busy, I have a hard time relaxing because I feel like I should be DOING SOMETHING. At the same time I don't like ineffective action... I don't PUTTER. Every action has a purpose.

7. I am a book addict... I just counted all the books in my house. There are 522 on shelves. Not including my son's ... he has about 50. My books are arranged in the following sections: Writing & Related, Childbirth & Breastfeeding, Christian, Horse Related, Fiction. It's probably split 50/50 between fiction and non fiction, though NF is winning a bit I think.

8. I do spank my son. As a last resort and when he has been amply warned that it's coming if he does.that.one.more.time. I rarely, rarely have to spank him because even at the age of four he understands consequences. If anyone else were to raise their hand against them they'd feel 'the back of me hand' pretty darn quick - no warning on that one.

9. Potheads should all be rounded up and sent to BC, then we can hand the province over to them and wait to see how quickly they start asking for social assistance from the federal government because they all just sit around and think about sh!t and no one wants to enforce any rules or get up before noon.

10. Do you think I'm judgemental? I am. Do whatever you want until it starts to affect me, my son, my fiance and my tax dollars - because if it affects me then I have every right to judge it for what it is and do something about it.

11. There's one lesson that that it took me a long, long time to learn. But now that I've learned it, it's one of the lessons I hope my son learns. You can laugh at what I wear, who I am, what I believe, what I worship and how I dress. Keep laughing - I'm proud of who I am and you aren't even on my radar screen.

12. This is taking me all night to write because I'm making supper, answering emails, bathing my son, eating supper, cleaning up pet rocks, making cookies and counting books. But I do love being busy!

13. I have over 100 magazines in my house. I didn't count though, I just guessed. Most I use for article ideas and reference. I hate to throw them away.

14. My future husband is a former Army Major and the quintessential poster child for the American Army who believes that might does make right. He's also very private and that's probably saying too much about him right there. I refer to him as Major Man on this blog.

15. I have always had the hots for 'Army Guys'... I heart them and they make my knees weak. I mean, they used to, but now I have Major Man, of course. I think it is because they are more concerned about doing what is right, protecting others, and going where others fear to go in the name of their country.

16. I like dresses that make me feel girlie.

17. I trained horses for six years, starting colts and getting bucked off enough until I didn't get bucked off any more. This is me starting my last horse - it's her first ride and it was six weeks after having my son.

18. I like things that smell like vanilla.

19. My favourite tea is Lady Earl Grey and I can never, ever find it.

20. I like football because I understand most of the rules and what I don't understand I can ask Major Man and he will never ever make me feel stupid for asking. I admit that my favourite college football team is the Purdue Boilermakers only because he went to Purdue. A year ago I thought Purdue was a fancy cheese.

21. Secretly my favourite CFL team is the Saskatchewan Roughriders because they have the best fans. And yes, I do know these boys:

22. I am getting married soon and no one knows when. Ok, a couple people know. But that's it, honey, I swear.

23. I am opinionated. However I try very hard not to force my opinion on others unless they first open the door.

24. I once tanned topless on the beach in Italy, it was the day I met Major Man. Yes, I have a picture of that too. No, I'm not putting it up here!

25. (Cheater)

26. (Another Cheater)

27. My favourite food is coffee flavoured chocolate - aka Mocha.

28. I am a dog person who wishes that cats liked her better.

29. I love just about any kind of book other than horror and crime novels. Nothing against them personally, but I just like to be moved emotionally.

30. I LOVE roller coasters.

31. The most wonderful couples I have ever known were my grandparents. They knew how to stick it out. My grandmother on my mom's side met my grandpa when she was engaged to someone else. She left the guy and married grandpa. They were together until his death a few years ago.

32. I am an ENFJ. This means that I'm an Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Judger. This means that I get energy from communicating with others, I figure things out before I can explain them, I think with my heart and I like to structure my world around me.

33. I would rather connect with someone else than be the smartest person in the world. Without a connection I have no meaning.

34. The most important question to me is 'Why?'

35. I would rather be understood by a handful of people than heard by millions.

36. Some of my favourite authors: Alesia Holliday, Lani Diane Rich, Shirley Jump, Joshilyn Jackson, Diana Gabaldon, Nicholas Sparks, Dr. Spears, Will Ferguson

37. I do like me some good TV shows. My favourite shows are: Corner Gas, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Lost, 24, Joan of Arcadia, CSI and Law&Order

38. At this point I need to go read some other 100 Things lists....

39. Here's the most risque number of them all. I am due for another Brazillian this week.

40. I live in Alberta, the most conservative part of Canada and would not want to live anywhere else.

41. I am capitalistic and I like money. This does not make me evil. This makes me able to afford to buy a laptop so I can write while I'm at the park with my son, it means I drive a safe car and can afford to fix it in an emergency, like, I have to work tomorrow to put food on the table. It means that I have the freedom to do what I want, which is succeed.

42. I have assisted in the birth of an Alpaca:

43. I have also assisted in the birth of a few horses and cows and a goat and some puppies.

44. I've castrated a few thousand bull calves. It wasn't a great job, but someone had to do it.

45. I hate (see the first thing) PETA. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) No, I'm not linking to them.

46. My idea of the most romantic vacation ever will happen in June 2006 when Major Man and I go back to visit the beach we met on 10 years ago. We are going to stay in the same hotel and swim in the same water. Lido de Jesolo, Italy .... less than 9 months away.

47. Nobody can beat me up but myself, but I'm getting better at forgiving myself and moving on.

48. I've said this one before, I believe you should never treat someone like your enemy when they just disagree with you.

49. My biggest horse training injuries were: getting stepped on by a scared horse and getting trapped in a stall with a freaked out horse. The first one lead to surgery a few years later to remove scar tissue and the second resulted in two compression fractures in my back and made me quit my horse training career.

50. No one and nothing MAKES me do anything, forget what I said above. I choose every footfall in my life and no one is responsible for my successes and failures except me.

51. I love Canadian humour because it is so self-deprecating. (Hear that Hollis, self-deprecating, not self-depreciating)

52. I sleep naked. But I keep my housecoat nearby in case of fire.

53. I try very hard to drink lots and lots of water. But I really, really like coffee and iced tea.

54. The only - ONLY - thing I do not like about having Major Man in the house is hair in the bathtub. I'm supposed to have the market cornered on that one. You know, if there was a market on hairs in bathtubs.

55. My first dog was a Wolf x Husky. Her name was Christy. I wish I could have a dog like that for my son. I still have that green and white blanket:

56. At the age of five I could draw a uterus and ovaries.

57. This is the BEST BOOK EVER.

58. I may never be satisfied with the size of my butt, but I've been called Bootylicious and I like it.

59. I am a weeeee bit materialistic. I like my computer, my digital camera and my books. My preshus booksies....

60. I am a Conservative in Canada and Republican in the US. However, I'm also pro-choice even though I hate abortion. Because as much as I hate abortion, I value freedom of choice above it. (Knowing that all choices have consequences of course - freedom of choice does not equal to freedom from consequences)

61. I have five bibles in this house.

62. I know my future husband believes in God, as do I, but we both believe very strongly that it is up to an individual to communicate with God the way he or she wants to. It's not up to anyone else to say whether we are right or wrong, it is between us and God.

63. I will behave respectfully to anyone who is respectful back.

64. I have no real 'ethnic identity'. I'm Irish, Scottish, British, German, Russian.... you name it...

65. This is one of my favourite pictures ever:

66. My first car was a 1981 Pontiac. It was grey and I crashed it a few times before it died. Now I drive a 2000 Chrysler Neon.

67. I drove school bus for two seasons. I loved my elementary kids. The junior high kids I could have done without. I lost my cool one day and cussed them out for being ignorant and hateful to some other kids on the bus. They were MUCH better after that. See. Might makes right.

68. I lived in over 25 houses by the time I was 20. My parents were divorced and we moved quite a bit, even in the same city.

69. I have lived in Canada, Austria and Barbados. I've visited the US, Japan, Yugoslavia, Germany and Italy.

70. I like standards better than automatic and trucks better than cars.

71. My job titles have been: Admin, Cook, Feedlot worker, Assistant Trainer, Riding Instructor, Sh!t shoveller, Inside Sales, Customer Service Rep, Writer, Waitress, Receptionist, Teacher... but the best job is Mom.

72. It has taken me a whole night to do this, but it's ok because it is the day after deadline week and all my articles and columns are in.

73. Tomorrow I go and interview for a volunteer position with the Red Cross. I want to be on their local Disaster Relief Team.

74. I collect books and .. well, that's about it.

75. September is my favourite month of the year. I used to love it because it meant back to school time. Now I love it because it means cheap school supplies.

76. I love George Bush mostly cuz he don't always talk all perfect like. The leader of my country uses words like collusion and a bunch of other 25 point words that half the country doesn't know the meaning of.

77. The STUPIDEST show on tv is 'Growing Up Gotti'.

78. One of my favourite reality shows is "Airport" because it shows real people acting like total jerks but SO SURE that they are acting like reasonable beings. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they watch themselves on tv. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha

79. I do think that there are things such as demons and dark forces. They scare the HELL out of me and I'm watching "The Real Exorcists" on A&E right now and I won't be able to sleep. When I watch 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' I won't sleep for a week.

80. I LOVE scary movies. LOVE THEM. I get so scared that I jump a mile and I scream in the middle of the theatre.

81. I watch zombie movies with Major Man because he likes them. The only point of zombie movies is to be as gross as possible. I'm not a big fan of zombie movies.

82. Major Man watches chick flicks with me if I ask him to. He is not a big fan of chick flicks.

83. I think that Tom Cruise is an ASS.

84. In fact, I think that his entire religion is made up of idiots. If we ever needed to find a list of idiots we could just download thier database.

85. I would like to adopt a child from another country. Why? Because I want to. Because I think that if more people in the first world adopted children from the third world we would end up with a generation of people who were more worldly and more compasisonate than what we have now.

86. I am finding it really difficult to stay away from politics in this list. I like talking about politics.

87. I find it ignorant to believe that you know THE answer.

88. I think I am the best person to parent my son. I know him better than anyone in this world. I cannot wait to see the man he becomes.

89. I would never, ever knowingly put my son in harms way. But, if he falls off of the couch after I've told him three times to get off of it... that is another thing.

90. I want a bigger fridge, a bigger bed, a bigger tub and more bookcases. See what I mean about being materialistic?

91. I won't buy a new computer or car or camera until the one I have is totally and completely dead and can't be brought back to life.

92. I am a Cancer.

93. Two psychic told me this summer that I was going to have a baby girl.

94. A psychic told my ex-Mother-In-Law this summer that I was going to have a baby girl.

95. I am now terrified that I'm going to get pregnant. IT'S NOT TIME YET!!

96. I like to try and plan for every single eventuality. I HATE to be taken off guard.

97. I told you I was an ENFJ, right? Major Man's mom was also an ENFJ and so I have a road map in the form of Major Man on what NOT to do to raise a child.

98. My favourite saying when I am down is 'Get thee behind me'. It's very powerful.

99. I believe in the Paradoxical Commandments.

100. I do not like hockey. (And she calls herself a Canadian) Although I do watch it when there's nothing else on... but I have to really like the players.


  The Writing Mother
  posted at 5:14 PM


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