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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Moving on...
"Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep movin' on."

Anyone else just tear up at that line? Yeah, I did. The words to the theme song of The Littlest Hobo. In fact, if you click that link you can actually listen to the theme song and it makes me totally tear up. My mother laughs every time she tells the story of me and the The Littlest Hobo. I watched it religiously as a child, and every. single. time. I cried and cried when the show was over because the theme song was so sad.

If you haven't seen the show (which, if you're Canadian and haven't seen it.. where were YOU in the early 80's??) the basic theme is this dog that travels around the country, stopping to help people in need. When they don't need him any more, he moves on... it broke my heart in two when he had to leave. I don't know what it was that I was so sensetive to - animals? loss? I don't really know.

I move a lot. I believe that without any exageration, I've lived in over 40 houses in my life. Four provinces, three countries. My parents divorced when I was six, I think... grade two... Mr. Finlayson's class... I had two houses from then on. For a while we lived three months at one place and three months at another... then month to month, then week to week. Finally we just stayed at mom's house for most of the time.

I seem to be carrying on the traditions of moving. This will be my son's fourth home, not including the times at the grandparent's houses. I want to stop moving, but I just can't. I want to own a home and stay there, but the time has not been right. I've had good reasons for moving. I got divorced and couldn't afford the house, I downgraded a bit and still couldn't afford a the place without returning to full time work, I found a place I loved and wanted to buy but my son's allergies to the environment were unhealthy...

This time, we are moving because our family is growing. In six months there will be a baby in the house. Right now we are in a two bedroom apartment. There are two home offices and a preschooler and it is way too small.

The new place we have found is 600 more square feet, two floors, three bedrooms and a small office. This means that Major Man will have his own office, I will have my own office and the children will share one room (since the baby won't actually sleep in the room for quite some time...). My office will be upstairs in the heart of the house with the living room, dining room, kitchen, while Major Man's office will be downstairs in the solitude that he craves.

And my own washer and dryer.. oh my gosh, no more waiting and timing my washing! No more hoarding change or runnign out of change and having laundry pile up.

And the backyard is HUGE, fenced and has trees. I love it. It's a duplex, so I'm really hoping that the neighbours aren't partiers, but we take that chance here in the apartment with neighbours all around us.

So for now I'll return to the familiar tasks of packing and purging. I got rid of four big bags of clothes and a huge bag of old shoes today. And my mother came by and took away a ton of M.'s baby clothes, leaving much more room and much less for me to pack. I've already packed away a TON of clothes that I probably won't fit in until September. All my summer clothes and the work clothes that I won't need until I return to the work force.

I'll try to post more between the packing and purging, it tends to bring forward a lot of emotions.
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 9:53 PM

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous K- said...

OMG... My Mr. and I were just talking about that show last week.. i think there was a apecial on or something... I started singing the song with out even remembering what it was from... just so ingrained in my brain. Have a good move. Let me know if I can assist.


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