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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Sickity Sick Sick
Despite my chiropractor's assertations that I would not get sick, I am sick. Once again, the best cure has been to watch movies that make me cry so my sinuses are not so stuffed.

So here I am Monday morning, watching Airline. It's on from 8 am to 10 am on Saturday mornings and is my excuse for not getting off of the couch yet. I stayed at work yesterday long past the time where I was fully functional. I did get my work done, but I was neither efficient or effective. Thank goodness that no orders went sideways.

Airline is one of my favourite shows. I love to fly. I grew up at the airport. We lived in High Level and both of my parents worked at the Footner Lake Airport. My dad worked at Peace Air as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and for a while, my mom worked at Time Air as something... baggage or admin or something.

Being in an airport, you are surrounded by people going somewhere, meeting someone, leaving someone... everyone's life is in a state of flux. There are two types of people at the airport: the type that want to be there and the type that don't.

I'm always in the former group. In 2004/2005 I dated Major Man long distance. From September 2004 to July 2005 we made several trips back and forth. I think I travelled there three times from Calgary to South Bend, IN.

O'Hare is my favourite airport, followed by Midway. Every time I landed there I would rush off the plane to meet Major Man. The leaving was not nearly as fun, but I was still there with him, holding his hand or leaning on his shoulders. I'm not a fan of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport after I almost spent my Christmas 2004 there by myself. Stoopid snow storms.

Every trip I've ever taken, I can remember the airport. Barbados with it's cement walls, painted in bright colours with cut outs through the walls. O'Hare with it's crazy tunnel and Space Odyssey music coming out of the walls. The San Francisco Airport with the booths for special interest groups that want me to give them money for SF homeless people in exchange for directions to my gate. Vienna's crowds that crush you with their weight and spit German in your ear. Prague's old fashioned tickity-tickity-tickty arrival and departure board, the old propaganda speakers on the runway, the runway models with small dogs in carriers and the multitude of guards with VERY LARGE GUNS. Vancouver, Toronto, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Denver, Miami, Orlando, Tokyo. They all have special features that make them unique and memorable.
  The Writing Mother
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