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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
What gets my goat..
Ok, I know the story. I've been a stay at home mom before.

I thought it would take more than two days before the Jehovahs Witnesses smelled my mom-at-home-ness and came calling.

Nope. 10 am and they're a' knockin'.

I girded myself for a little confrontation. But when I opened the door, what did I see?

An adorable five year old girl. She was VERY cute, holding a bible with big Minnie Mouse sunglasses on. She stood right at the knee of the adult and grinned a big, sweet grin up at me. What could I do? I'm not going to go all anti-Jehovah on the guy when he's got a sweet little girl with him.. and he KNOWS that.. the bastard.

There was also an older girl, maybe 9 or 10 years old. She'd probably been doing this since she was five. Playing the part of the cute little human shield.

It really, really irritated me. I can't say what I REALLY want to say to this man without looking like a big ass in front of these two kids.

Underhanded I tell ya.

Of course I come from a long line of anti-JWs.. my grandfather once broke the foot of a JW who had the absolute nerve to stick his foot in the door while my grandfather tried to close it.
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 11:39 AM

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Ms. Scarlet said...

I don't like to say I hate a group of people in general, but man, I hate JWs. Luckily we live in the middle of nowhere and they haven't come by in the 5.5 years I've lived here.

Knock on wood!

At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Danny Haszard said...

I applaud your blog!
Dissident JW member speaks out.

The core dogma of the Watchtower organization is that Jesus had his second coming 'invisibly' in the year 1914.Their entire doctrinal superstructure is built on this falsehood.

Jehovah's Witnesses door to door recruitment is by their own admission an ineffective tactic. They have lost membership in all countries with major Internet access because their false doctrines and harmful practices are exposed on the modern information superhighway.

There is good and valid reasons why there is such an outrage against the Watchtower for misleading millions of followers.Many have invested everything in the 'imminent' apocalyptic promises of the Jehovah's Witnesses and have died broken and beaten.

Now if you wanted to know about the quality of a product,would you listen to the seller or a longtime customer?
Respectfully,Danny Haszard EXJW http://www.dannyhaszard.com

(I am being very kind about them)

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Midnightwriter said...

Mine stopped coming by years ago. I was polite, tried talking doctrine (years of S. Baptist ubringing and courses at HBU) but made it clear at the same time I wasn't interested.

Now I am pagan and have a sign out front that tells them they are crunchy and good with ketchup. Don't rile me or my pet dragon.

LOL, I've had Christians hit the roof at the idea of a heathen but these folks turned pale and took off. Don't know if they thought I was crazy, was going to curse them or what. All the episode needed was for them to use their fingers to counter act my supposed "evil eye."


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