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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ok, when it takes me an hour and a half to write a post, I should just not post it! That last one down there... the one with all the blogs? Yeah, I left several out that I continue to read, but, see, I read them at work (on lunch, Kim!) and didn't have them bookmarked at home. So so sorry! I'll try blog them this week coming up.

I feel busy... oh so busy.... try singing that in the I feel pretty sort of way and it's much better. Really. The bf is in town. This is good. But it's also deadline week. This is not as good. I really only have one article left to write and I'm procrastinating because the topic is just not that thrilling.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a PAID position, this writing thing. This isn't a HOBBY, this is "suck it up sally" and sit your ass in the chair so you can put a check in the bank.

I don't have a very highly developed internal editor. This I am grateful for. But what I do have is a very highly developed whiny child inside. A distinctly nasal whine that comes from this gnome-like cross between Fran Dreschler and a three year old. This little annoyance that says "But I don't wanna write right now" and, funny enough, also says "I wanna book contract and a book tour and a room of my own because right now I'm sharing it with your underdeveloped internal editor and he eats stinky cheese".

Thankfully I let the two of them battle it out and I generally end up with my butt in the chair writing because I've learned through a little technique called CASHING CHECKS that there's no other way to connect my bank account to my writing at the moment.

The Real Life Job

I don't blog much about my RIL job - kind of because it's not overly exciting and also because, well, people can get fired for that sort of thing.

But I like my RIL job. Not only because it's a more regular paycheck, but also because it is starting to get funner and funner! (i rite gud)

I'm a sales person at the RIL job. Now don't recoil like that, I'm not a car salesmen or some fop trying to sell you a set of encyclopaedias (Side bar... that profession's gone down the tube since the internet, eh?) (Second side bar... eh? Please note for all you non-Canadians, that that was a prime example of the proper use of eh?)

I set up companies on uniform programs and sell promo products. I just had a three day sales conference that a) tired me the hell out and b) energized me to get my butt going on my sales numbers. I've never been a big numbers person, but seeing a direct correlation between how much you sell and how much money goes in your bank is a big motivator.

Anyways, part of the conference was on selling promo products...you know, pens, hats, mugs, golf balls.... this is so up my alley. I HEART promo products. I'm the PROMO PRODUCTS WHORE... I'll take whatever anyone will give me! More mugs! More T-shirts! More hats! So of course now I want to sell more... THINGS!

Which will lead to more... MONEY!

Which makes my RIL job fun.

Anyways, I need to write that article.

And then that book.

And then another article.

Or some combination of the above.
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 1:48 PM

At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lunch? sure you were...
and excuse me... do I slurp my soup? do I? NO! I did not think so, so no need to justify to me when you are blogging.
That seminar almost makes me want to sell too...well I said almost.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger AGK said...

Nice save (NOT!) ;)

At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Karin said...

Speaking of whining and Fran D., apparently she has a new sitcom coming out.


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