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Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Bite Me, Bucko.
There are only a few things that really make me mad. Top of the list is when someone treats me like I'm an idiotic woman.

I wasn't in the greatest mood this afternoon as I'd been home with my sick son all day. So when World Health and Fitness called to try book the appointment to view the club I said yes, after 8pm, when my son goes to bed. After all, I'd downloaded the little gift certificate and given my phone number and permission to call... so I might as well go. I used to be a member of this particular gym but moved away and I have been thinking that I need to go to the gym because let's face it, my belly is more jiggly than it used to be.

Lance, gym guy, was not so enthusiastic to see me. It seem since I used to be a member he figured that I had seen everything before.

Lance: "...and here we have these new machines, they are really, like cool and have these weights so you can start really light if you wanted."

Me: Uh-huh (inside head: I used to break two year old colts and heave hay bales over my head dude, plus I have lugged a child around on my hip. I'm not a wimp.)

Lance: "...and here's the free weight area..."

Me: "Yeah, my fiance wanted me to check this area out for him."

Lance: "oh? Does he want to sign up too?"

Me: "Well, I want to discuss it with him after I know the price schedule, plus I need to discuss when I have time for the gym... I mean neither of us want me to sign up unless I know I can come three times a week." (Inside head: I'm not buying tonight, quit looking at me like I'm money to you and I'm very concerned about having enough time for this!)

Lance: "oh! Three times a week, that's easy, right?"

Me: "Well, actually it isn't that easy. I usually have my hands full with work and my son." (Inside head: WRONG thing to say bucko who probably lives at the gym and gets a free membership.. you try working full time and part time and raise a son and get some sleep at night and tell me how EASY it is to take an hour out of your day. Dick.)

Lance: "Oh! Well we have a day care here and..."

Me: "I'm not picking my son up from a day at day care and dropping him off at another one." (Inside head: you obviously have no children.)

A few more minutes go by as he shows me the different areas and then we get to the little chairs where he assumes now that we are going to sign me up. Keep in mind that by this time I have hinted at least three times that I want to discuss the membership with my fiance. I know it is my decision but I'll be honest, it's mostly a delay tactic because I don't want to sign up impulsively.

Lance: "Here are the various packages..." blah blah blah... we go over the different packages..."so, you would be most interested in this one?"

Me: "Yeah, I think that I'd be most interested in that one when..."

Lance: interrupting...."So, that's the one then!"

Me: "No. I am not signing up tonight. I need to go home and discuss this with my fiance before I commit." (Inside head: are you thick? And yes, I see the small hint of enthusiasm suddenly bleed out of your eyes because you realize that I'm not a quick money grab for you tonight.)

Lance: "You mean he wouldn't support you in something like this?"

Me: stunned pause while I realize that he has suddenly questioned my relationship and my personal choices about my own finances. "Yes, he would support me in any decision I truly believed in, but I respect him enough to consider his opinions before I make a committment to sign up for this." (Inside head: oh, now you are in for it you arrogant ass... what did you want me to say 'you are SO right. you know, I should just sign up for the extra-expensive package with the personal trainer and if he doesn't just accept my decision... well... well... I just shouldn't marry him. I mean my health is important right! Sign me up!')

I punctuate this sentence by smiling my 'F-U' smile and my tone has certainly made him aware that I did not appreciate that last tactic. I inquire about my 10 day pass... no can-do, I'm a previous member.

Basically I give him the 'don't call me, I'll call you' brush off and leave feeling like I do not rank on his pitiful little scale because obviously I'm a stupid little girl who has to ask her boyfriend before she does anything.

But it was such a nice gym. Dammit.
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 8:57 PM


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