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Sunday, June 20, 2004
I'm finding my freckles again. I love my freckles. I missed them.

I'm fakin' bakin'... I know, increased risk of skin cancer and all. I'm a red head with fair skin. All the damage I did to my skin in childhood with burns and blisters. That's where the damage is, the burns. Well I decided I wanted to see my freckles again, and I'm not into laying outside on a towel for hours at a time to find them. Who has time for that! Tonight I found the three freckles on my knees that I used to draw into a triangle. Perfectly placed there on my knee. I bet I haven't see them since I was 10. That was around the time my dad said I was fat and I started wearing pants instead of shorts all summer. Who wanted to see my fat legs anyways.

Then I started riding horses and I've basically lived in my jeans ever since. So the gams haven't seen a lot of sun in, let's say, 15 years.

But I like me tanned, and I love my freckles.

And I'm doing it for my friend Pam, whose MIL once told her that flab looks better when it's tanned.

Have you ever wondered what kind of person you are? You know when you are talking about someone and you qualify them, as in "she's the type of person who would....". So I've decided to try that on myself.

I'm the type of person:

Who sings in the car
Whose 4 disc changer in her car currently holds Johnny Cash, Eminem, Terry Clark, and Josh Groban (for all my freaky moods)
Who likes to watch shows that make me cry
Who sings in the shower
Who really likes to sleep in on a Sunday
Who takes her family for granted
Whose family doesn't understand her
Who needs space to yell when she's mad
Who is secretly very, very competitive
Who is not so secretly a bitch sometimes
Who has used the power of words to hurt others
Who wishes she hadn't
Who regrets a lot of things she did, and very few things she didn't
Who is friends with her ex-husband and would still do a lot for him
Who sometimes wants to move to another life/city/country and begin all over
Whose bookshelf is full of books she has no time to read
Who craves praise and sees it as a reward for a job well done
Who is an internal and external perfectionist
Who sees logic as a pesky detail
Who crys when she is happy/mad/scared/depressed
Who resents external structure in her life
Who knows she is a good apple, says she doesn't want to be picked, but c'mon, get real.

Do all of these make sense? Probably not. Try it, free write it... what kind of person are you?
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 8:37 PM

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Tiff said...

I can relate to all. They all make complete sense and that is what makes humans magnificent. All the contradictions. :) Good luck on the tanning. I'm also a redhead and I don't tan at all.


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