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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Medal Dreams

I've been catching a bit of the Olympic Games on good ol' CBC. I do like their coverage, despite the fact that I can't get any of the Equestrian - or rather I'm unwilling to sacrifice my sleep for the 4 am roll call.

It's funny who we cheer for in some of these events. I dont' know that much about 99% of the sports, so I rely on the commentators to tell me little vingettes of their life, where they grew up, obstacles that they have faced, challenges they have overcome. But I notice that my loyalties always fall to the same countries. Canada first - always - then the US, Great Britain. If I don't see them in the heat or race... I may cheer for Australia or Jamaica, because they are just cool countries.

But the first three, and for some reason I note that they are all Allied countries. They are my top three, so regardless of who the other countries are, I want these to win. Canada first, of course. But then I feel guilty for not cheering for the other countries. They've worked just as hard, it isn't like anyone gets a free ticket to the Olympics. What is is like to be the bottom of the pack at the Olympics? At least you know you are better than every other athlete NOT at the Olympics.

So the sport I compete in, or used to anyways, is reining. (www.nrha.com, www.reiningcanada.com, www.reining.ab.ca) And reining is headed to the Olympics. I'm pretty certain about this. There's a huge political current that pools around Equestrian competition at the Olympics, as I'm sure that there is in any sport. However, talking to some decision makers, I feel that we have a good shot for the 2012 Summer Olympics. There just has to be some rejigging of the roster. Now I'm not naming names, but one of the current sports had SEVEN horses die at the World Equestrian Games in 2002. This is not the way that International Equestrian Sport should, or can, be played.

And just to lay it on the table, yes, I have an Olympic dream. I do think it is attainable. I do think that Canada is one of the most powerful forces in this horse-world, and because of that, I think that soon there will be more out there like me who see the possibility of competition at the Olympic Games.

An Update

For those in the know... I caught that damned mouse. I trapped his fuzzy butt and the world is right again. No more do I lie awake wondering if he crawls on me when I sleep......

Single Mom-ness

It's Sunday morning. I haen't seen my son since Friday evening. I miss him. I remember when it was "good to have a break". Now it seems that that feeling lasts only a half a day or so before I begin to miss him again.

What am I going to do when I go to Indiana? Or as my friend said to me last night "So do they have direct flights to Booty Call, Indiana?" Very funny. He's just mad because no one wants him to fly thousands of miles to see him. So there.

It's NOT a booty call.

(And if it were, it would be MY booty call because I am going THERE.)
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 9:51 AM

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Tiff said...

:) YOu make me laugh. LOL!!


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