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Sunday, July 03, 2005
Greetings from Indiana
This post could be called, 'the story in which a couple tries to sneak back into Canada'.

We arrived in Indiana after a 2800km or 1800 mile trek from Alberta to Indiana. Exciting you say? Oh very. Prairie, some more prairie, woods in Wisconson, some rivers, some lakes. Chicago (yucky traffic and constructin zones) and finally cute little Indiana small town.

First, I should say that small town here is not like the small town I spent my summers in. That small town had less than 200 people and parents could allow their children to run wild and free. Here? Not so much. But anyways, it's cute and a bit quaint. And very American. Very small town America I'm told.

The 4th of July parade will run right by the office here, so - two days in advance - very quaint small town Americans have already laid out their blankets and weighted them down with rocks to save them. The bf's dad - bless his heart - has parked his pick up lenghtwise in a spot for us so we'll be perched up there for the parade. Woohoo!

I am a weepy sap so therefore - despite the fact that I am Canadian and not American and have the Canadian flag tattoo to prove it - I will get all teary eyed at the parade and it's blatant patriotism. I'm always struck by things that are bigger than I am. Things that mean more than just the present moment. America has that.

The bf has explained to me that the traditional way of celebrating the 4th is to 'blow stuff up'. Whether this is firecrackers, fireworks, whatever.... I guess it's a 'bombs bursting in air' sort of thing. We don't have that in Canada. It's more of a Kumbaya-fest where everyone makes themselves red and white and paints maple leaves on their bodies and then congratulates themselves and their countrymen/women on how NICE they are. And blowing up things is not nice. But it is American, so I like it.

Anyways, on our way here, the US Border guards were actually decent. See, I'm only staying 10 days, so they weren't too worried about me. BUT, because the bf and I cross together, they always ask if we are getting married. And if we do - when. And if we do - where will we live. I feel like I should have I DON'T KNOW tattooed on my forehead. So they question us seperately and seach my car... and search my wallet... examining every receipt and card...

I honestly don't mind, because I have nothing to hide.

But I'm concerned about the Canadian Border Guards. They seem irrational to me. They want to be as big and bad as the US guards, but they really aren't. They do have nicer offices though....

Anyways. When we return on the 9th, they will go through the whole routine of searching and asking and seperating... and again, we have nothing to hide so it won't be too terrible....

But they just worry me because they always want to try and find something... even when nothing is there. I'll keep you posted.
  The Writing Mother
  posted at 11:42 AM


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