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Friday, September 24, 2004
Days Like These

It's days like these when you have a good day at work, and you look so forward to picking up your child, and you know when you go home you will make a supper that you'll both like, and he'll be sweet and you'll be the best mommy and bed time will come without a wimper... it's days like these that make me love everything in my world.

Granted, they are balanced quite completely by the days where my child is the spawn of the dark one and he calls me names that he learned at day care, and he pouts and cries at every infraction (such as insisting that he have a *gasp* bath).... it's those days that I look at him and wonder just what carefree and exciting superstar life I'd be living if he weren't here.

Today was thankfully the first one.

I say thankfully because I'm still off-kilter from my recent trip. I'm still unfocused, it is still a battle to find peaceful sleep at night. I find myself cleaning my house in some OCD-like way. Dishes do not sit long on my counter. Yesterday I did three sinks. Keep in mind that there is only my son and I, and we didn't make that many dishes. Just the action of ... doing... of keeping busy. That is keeping me sane. Tonight is article writing night, there are a couple due this weekend. When the boy-child goes to bed, I'll have a bath, read a bit while soaking, and then start on them.

Boy-Child is in the BEST stage right now. The tell-on-himself stage.

"Dammit....... Mommy! I say Dammit!"*

"Mommy!.... I sticking my tongue out at you!"

*For the record, I did not teach him this word, it is a new one in his recently acquired daycare dicitonary. The dictionary that includes such gems such as: poopy-head, stupid-head, shut-up, poopy-face.

Thankfully his dictionary also includes songs that he sings loudly... "Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Shine on me all day...." There is nothing better than hearing him sing that song.

Well I'm off to drag the boy-child out of the tub I had to drag him into so that we can watch a little Harry Potter and go to bed on time.

  The Writing Mother
  posted at 7:36 PM

At 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's in the tub and you're on the computer? By the way you describe him he sounds way to young to be in the tub unsupervised. I have a four year old that I still supervise and likely will for another year or so.


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